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A book for caregivers

Are you a caregiver? Are you, or someone you know, supporting someone with a chronic condition? 

Hello, I'm Leilani Norman, artist, entrepreneur, parent and former family caregiver. I created this book to validate your life of caring.











Some of us are caring for a family member or friend in our home or theirs, full or part-time. Some watch over the medical, social and financial needs of someone who lives in assisted living. Some lend a hand with activities of daily living on occasion. Some are young people who help care for parents and grandparents. No matter how much or how little we participate, it is caregiving and we have many experiences and concerns in common.


Taking care of another person is both rewarding and challenging, filled with love and difficulty. Caring is Art is not meant to be an expert guide or a self-improvement manual, but a companion to you. I include resources that I have found useful and I hope that you will, too. This is also an art book, which I offer to you through the paintings and photographs that I made while supporting my parents.


Caregiving presents us with many challenges, including personal ones. Every day can feel different, especially when our loved one has a degenerative condition or neurocognitive disorder, like dementia. Some days feel like the same cycle of tasks with no foreseeable end.


The good news is, our burdens can feel lighter when we share these challenges with each other, seek help and assistance, and cultivate meaning from the caregiving journey. We also experience humor and joy. It’s wonderful to share that, too, including the sort of insider-dark-humor that fellow caregivers really understand.


Learning to care for ourselves is crucial to our long term wellness, simply because we have to survive in order to provide care. And after our care partner is gone, we have ourselves and others to love and care for.

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